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Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish market

Both the city of Istanbul and the Republic of Turkey have been a textile manufacturing and trading hub for more than a century. A large amount of the globally produced fabrics is being imported to Turkey and used for production there.

Apparel exports from Turkey totalled 18,7 billion USD in 2014, registering a growth of 8 percent compared to 2013 according to the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM). 74,8 percent of the apparel exports were to EU countries. The regions following were Middle East, Africa, the U.S., Asia and Oceania. The exports to Middle East increased 21,1 percent with Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Israel and UAE as the countries with the highest export in this region. Germany, UK, Spain, France, The Netherlands and Italy were the countries with the highest export in Europe.

The trend for the future will be upwards, as day by day new manufacturing opportunities are being created in the Turkish market. This positive development creates thousands of new business areas and reflects also into the neighboring markets.

The textile industry is very significant in this development: Turkey has one of the strongest and highest-output industries in the world. In many regions across the country, textile factories are the backbone of the local economy and production takes place on all price and quality levels. In this frame, imports of raw materials have become an important factor. In particular the need for new materials at various price levels is clearly stated by both Turkish and regional apparel manufacturers.

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